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Lotus Foq

This is 'Lotus', the wall hanging made for Beatrice Von Tresckow which won a Judge's Choice at The Festival of Quilts 2008


This altar frontal was commissioned for St Peter's Church in South Barrow, Somerset and completed in 2022.

Janet McCallum

Textile Art

As a graphic designer and part of The Quilter editorial team, I constantly work with shape, tone and colour. Although book design can be a little constraining at times, I find fabric gives my creativity free rein.


I love colour and texture and collect photos of patterns in nature to use in my work. They are a constant source of inspiration.


I am a member of the textile artist groups 'By Design' and zero3 with whom I regularly exhibit. We have shown at The Festival of Quilts, The Knitting and Stitching Show, Loch Lomond and Sainte Marie aux Mines in France.


Also, as a member of Sarum Quilters, I have designed three sets of quilts for various parts of Salisbury District Hospital. Several have been commissioned by the genetics department and feature the latest DNA fluorescent imaging techniques as inspiration.


My commissioned work is in several private and corporate collections. The photo below shows a piece which was commissioned for St Peter's Church in South Barrow, Somerset. The stained-glass window designed and made by John and Laura Gilray,, was a wonderful inspiration and my work was well received by the congregation.


In 2020 I won another Judges Choice at the Virtual Festival of Quilts with Between Land and Sea.


I lecture, demonstrate and run workshops, sharing my innovative techniques. If you or your group would be interested in booking a lecture or workshop, just give me a call or send an email.

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